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Muse of my heart
You are a lover
Of January storms and sleet.
Gleaming starlight
Does not whet
Your dead palate and
Only complaints spring
From your mouth about
Your purse stuffed with azure.
You hate the Te Deums
I force you to sing
And starve
Waiting to feed on the anger
Of commuters stuck in
Afternoon traffic.
– Charles Baudelaire (Interpreted by Will Schmitz)

OPHELIA, by J.Stingray
Luxuriously dense 315 gsm paper. A rough-textured, coarse structured surface designed for high-quality art reproductions.
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    Product Description

    A thing about paper.
    It matters. Period. I used to sell my posters on industry standard budget papers, just like other vendors. Cheap, good margins and competitive prices, what’s not to love? Well. the product. Thin, glossy, plasticky. The feel of a flimsy poster from a teen magazine. I just can’t do that anymore. Margins be damned. As a consequence I have switched to the same paper/print manufacturer who often supplies the Tate museum. They care about colors, calibration and paper quality. They are (sigh) pricey. It cuts majorly into my profits, the retail price has been bumped a bit – and I guess I am not really competitive anymore.

    But. Now. Now you really get something. Printed on dense 315gsm paper, textured and thick. The colors deep, the art – alive. It makes me feel in love with my pieces again. I regret nothing, because I know you get something awesome.

    – John.